Writing your newsletter shouldn't feel like a waste of time

Email Newsletters help businesses find more customers, more filled workshop seats, and more warm leads. Is yours?

In just a few minutes, the Newsletter Essentials Cheatsheet helps you save time, get faster results, and turn your newsletter into a business building machine.

Michael Helmke

"Marketing" should NOT feel like "selling-out"

You know you need to get the word out about your new workshop or course.

But there's so many competing voices that say do one thing or another, where do you even start? Plus, who has time to figure out how to do marketing that doesn't feel bad.

I specialize in helping coaches and consultants like you find your natural voice and communicate your message authentically to your audience. Helping you attract more people to you, get more signups and registrations, and engage more regularly with your existing fans.

Schedule a call with me and we can discuss your project and straightforward opportunities for launching it to the world.

Working with Michael has been a GAME CHANGER for my business! My business was on a downward trajectory and he helped me to turn that around and MORE! I am doing things in my business that I didn't think I could do because of Michael, like creating a workshop and writing a book. I am planning a 150% increase in my business based on the results from this year with Michael's help.

Trish Perry
Executive Coach

He's a calm, knowledgeable, steady force to work with

"When the shut down happened I needed to find a new way of marketing that was not in person.
The biggest benefit Michael provided was learning how to build an online presence. Keeping online marketing front and center on my to-do list. It's easy to let others things take priority.
He's a calm, knowledgeable, steady force to work with. Very enjoyable for me and productive for my business"

Rita Webster

( Executive Coach)


He brings a view of my work that I can't see—and for that, I am grateful!

"Michael has reminded me that simpler is better when it comes to marketing my brand. I like Michael's direct and honest approach to communication, brainstorming new ideas, and his ability to see complicated things from a pragmatic and realistic perspective. He brings a view of my work that I can't see—and for that, I am grateful!"

Michael Thomas Sunnarborg

(Career Coach, Author)


Working with Michael gave me the boost I needed to take action

"Working with Michael gave me the boost I needed to take action on improving my prospecting and sales process. Michael helped me fine-tune the written copy on my website, and he coached me through the copywriting process for my LinkedIn profile. The biggest benefit I got from working with Michael was the chance to spend time fine-tuning my sales copy 1-on-1, with Michael's ideas and expertise."

Ben Ratkey

( Telescope Web Design)


The value of his prompt response is incalculable.

"The very best thing about working with Michael, other than his expertise and skill, is that when we request something be updated or changed, he is on it right away. The value of his prompt response is incalculable for a non-profit that often works on a deadline. For us, the single biggest reason for working with Michael is his accessibility. Have a problem? Michael is there."

Patricia Jones

(Sacramento Jazz Education Foundation)


About Michael.

A reformed programmer, Michael helps solve the hard business problems:

  • How to build an audience for that workshop you have coming up.
  • What to say in your next email newsletter to excite your customers and get them wanting more.
  • The best practices for keeping everything simple and running smoothly.

"I approach every client engagement as a partnership.  Let me save you time and help lead you to amazing outcomes."

Writing Your Newsletter Isn't a Waste of Time

Your newsletter can deliver more customers, more warm leads, and more sales.

In just a few minutes with the Newsletter Essentials Cheatsheet, you'll pinpoint exactly where you can save time, get faster results, and turn your newsletter into a business building powerhouse.

What they are saying about the Writing from Home Challenge:

The experience exceeded my expectations!

"I highly recommend this experience to others who do regular writing. It will help you become more efficient, increase your confidence in meeting schedules, and feel good about your writing."

Stan Wiebe

(Travel Blogger)


It helped me find a lost sense of self-confidence

"Michael created a safe space for me to do something that I often feel is too scary or too time-consuming to do on my own -- WRITE.

His challenge showed me that I forgot how much I enjoy writing. His 30-day challenge helped spark that joy again.  Michael assigned us daily prompts - easy prompts that are super easy and fun."

Leigh Baltzer

(Puppeteer, Educator)


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