Proofreading + Accountability + Strategy

Nagging + Proofreading

Because friends don’t let friends write email newsletters solo.

"The best thing of working with Michael that I found is a level of comfort. I can send an email and I can get either reassurance or clarification. I know that he'll be completely honest with me and I like having somebody to bounce things around with. It's more comforting."

Lisa Bobyak
–Living Fully Balanced Coaching

"He really helped me build this business from something that was like a very serious hobby to a real profession that I'm making actual money that I can sustain myself with.
He is one of the best things that has happened to me in my business, and I hope you allow yourself the great, good fortune of working with Michael Helmke."

Leigh Baltzer
–Through Me To You Puppetry

"Michael's really patient  at working with me where I'm at now. I also really appreciate his ability to dig into some of the technical details with my particular email sending and creation app and how it works with my website. There's some technical support and help in there and advice that goes beyond just email marketing itself."

Steve Semler
–Focal Point Coaching

Writing and completing your newsletter regularly doesn’t have to be a struggle

Whether you publish an email newsletter to your audience regularly or struggle to keep up, these are the issues you regularly face:

  • Difficulty finding the time to write (let alone edit and polish) your newsletter
  • Brain fog around what to write about what will even interest your subscribers
  • Dread that what you are sending out isn’t as polished as you’d like
  • Struggles enticing your subscribers to take action after reading

Nagging + Proofreading is the surprisingly friendly and effective solution:

  • Accountability reminders sent by a kind human
    • We agree on your ideal schedule
    • Lots of buffer time built in
    • “What are you thinking of writing about?”
    • “Are you on track?” (“Is it ready yet?”)
  • Expert proofreading assistance
    • Corrections and proofing
    • Light editing assistance (making that cr*ppy first draft readable)
  • Strategy + Planning
    • Monthly strategic marketing brainstorm, planning, anything call
    • Expert advice about what to do next and identifying urgent and important opportunities

Pricing is $600 per four email newsletters.

We know it works. We have limited availability. Please schedule time for a quick meeting so we can collectively discover if this is the right service for you.

Customer Success Stories

Lisa Bobyak
–Living Fully Balanced Coaching

Leigh Baltzer
–Through Me To You Puppetry

– Steve Semler
–Focal Point Coaching

This program is for you if…

  • You are currently or have previously sent an email newsletter to your audience
  • You are ready to publish on a regular schedule (weekly? every two weeks? monthly even?)
  • You have a large audience
  • You have a smaller audience
  • You want to save time and have an easier time with your marketing
  • Your audience deserves to read the best you have to offer

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