Free LIVE masterclass for business owners

Writing Unforgettable Emails

Getting your Newsletter from "Blah" to "Ah-HA!"

In this Masterclass, you'll uplevel your Newsletter to include:

Magnetic Creation

Do your emails that take hours of blood sweat and tears to write? I'll share an alternate, more effective way that attracts more readers and slashes writing time.

Perfect Timing

Misunderstanding this holds back countless Newsletters from relevance. Without the right timing, you are in danger of being forgotten by your audience.

Gorgeous Design

Did you follow MailChimp's "Newsletter Design Best Practices"? More likely you are driving away readers. You'll learn instead what keeps your audience reading to the very end.

The Bullseye

We've all read Newsletters that contain a Kitchen Sink full of offers, links, and event promotions. Rather than making your reader's eyes glaze over, this one simple change will keep their focus squarely on the message you want them to hear.

Confident Closing

How confidently you end your newsletter is key. After this masterclass you won't ever be afraid of "bothering" your readers. You'll learn what draws your readers in and the values based way you can ask them to take action.

You're a shoo-in to take this masterclass if...

  • You have a service based business
  • Most other newsletters you read are dry and you want to make absolutely sure your readers don't feel the same way
  • You want to enjoy writing your next Newsletter rather than dreading it
  • You don't want to bother, annoy, or bore your readers

You've got better options to grow your business than you think

Howdy! I'm your host, Michael Helmke.

In this era of noisy social media and ads tracking you everywhere, there is still a simple and effective way to attract and delight your best customers: Email Newsletters.

I hope you'll join me (even if you're skeptical) in learning to turn your newsletter into the one that regularly inspires and excites your readers. Tips that won't make you sound like a used car salesperson nor bore your audience to sleep.

Over the last three years, my own email Newsletter has been one of the most powerful tools in growing my business. It's gotten me new clients, return clients, partnership opportunities and opened doors for me I never expected.

I can't wait to share how you can do this, too.

I'll also be sharing my brand new email newsletter mastery course, Savvy Newsletter, at the end of this masterclass.

If this sounds like it opens a world of new possibilities - I'm excited for you to join me.