Savvy Newsletter

To the Business Owner feeling burned out from too much "Marketing Advice":

"If you struggle knowing what to write and how to follow up, this is a game changer."

Introducing "Savvy Newsletter: Better Living Through Email."

Imagine quickly writing your next newsletter, receiving compliments from happy readers and finding more sales and business coming in. With simply a humble Newsletter as the driving force.

Michael Helmke

Your newsletter audience is hungry for something worth reading. Give it to them.

"For once I found a Newsletter that really stands out. That doesn't try to hard sell me but is funny, insightful, and makes me think."


Our students are writing regularly without writers block, making regular sales offers to their audience (without complaints), and seeing more business come in every month.

Email Newsletters are a ridiculously cost effective way to reach (and sell to) your audience.

  • What if it didn't take hours (or days) to write the next one?
  • What if you always knew (in advance) what to write next?
  • And what if you had confidence you were going to get a high open rate, positive response, and business growth from your Newsletter alone?

If those all sound good, you've found your new happy place.

In this four part workshop, you'll learn to write your newsletter with ease, plus how to welcome your new subscribers, sell without effort, become a natural story teller, and not have anyone complain you are becoming too "salsey".

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Savvy Newsletter: Better Living Through Email

A Four Part Live (Online) Workshop All About Turning Your Newsletter Into an Effective Business Building Tool