Foundation & Followup

How to book your next performances with ease!

A painless solution to promote your new covid-friendly offerings.

If you're like me, COVID changed everything...

9 months ago my business was humming right long.  I knew my clients, how to obtain more of them.  I was busy.

Then when COVID hit, it was like starting over from scratch.  Learning to video conference, figure out sound and lighting, even changing how to find customers.

Fast forward to now.  You're presenting and performing online and your business is starting to come out of hibernation.  Here are two questions for you:

How are you telling the world you can perform online and how does the world sign up for a show?

How often do you communicate with past and present customers?  Do they know you are still in business?

"Foundation & Followup"

The quick solution that you've been seeking which showcases your online performances, takes care of appointments and bookings, and shares your best stories and opportunities with your past customers.

Foundation & Followup

Michael Helmke

The Landing Page

Websites can be hard to update and you may not have the budget to hire someone to bring yours up to date.

Here, you'll get a brand new single page website featuring your brand, colors, photos, videos, and stories that highlight what makes you unique. 

Online Bookings

With your new single page website, everyone visiting your site can see your schedule, choose a performance time, and automatically get signed up for your next showing.

The Followup Workshop

Following up with past business is essential yet it can be incredibly time consuming.

You'll learn the best way to get your current and past customers thinking about you and asking how to attend your shows. 

Followup Mastermind

This is a group coaching call where every month we'll have an opportunity to talk and answer all of your questions.


I'm  Michael Helmke

I help performers and entertainers book more business online, effectively reach out to past and current clients, and free up time so you can focus on the creative parts of your work that you love.

I have decades of experience in business, marketing, and technology which makes me uniquely suited to help you find the simplest and most effective next steps that will move your business forward.

Michael Helmke

What people are saying:

My web site was overdue for a refurbishment. Michael created an entirely new site for me incorporating the latest security measures and making my site easier for my clients to use and interact with. The results are brilliant. We are currently working together to update my sites since we are adapting our business to work with the COVID-19 precautions.

My clients appreciate the ease of using the new sites. The sites have also streamlined things on my end and that means I’m spending far less time since there are fewer steps I have to take to interact with my clients.

Less time on my end = higher profits.

Arthur Grueneberger

(Puppet Art Theater Co.)


When the shut down happened I needed to find a new way of marketing that was not in person. The biggest benefit Michael provided was learning how to build an online presence. Keeping online marketing front and center on my to-do list. It's easy to let other things take priority. He's a calm, knowledgeable, steady force to work with. Very enjoyable for me and productive for my business.

Rita Webster

( Executive Coach)


"Foundation & Followup"

This program gives you a customer focused web landing page which promotes your latest performances and programs, lets customers book their next show time through your site, teaches you how to get started emailing and engaging your current and past customers, and gives you a year of support to grow your business to the next level.

  1. 1
    The Landing Page:  The best way to simply promote your business. Branded with your company name, colors, photos, videos, and professionally written to appeal to your perfect client.  Simple to manage, cost effective to maintain.
  2. 2
    Online Bookings:  Visitors to your page will see your calendar and choose a performance time. They will even be able to buy tickets online.
  3. 3
    The Followup Workshop:  Live training where you'll learn the best way to reach out to and follow up with your current and past customers. Not only will they know what you are doing now, the'll remember from week to week and month to month.
  4. 4
    Followup Mastermind:  A year of group coaching, support, advice, and questions answered. Monthly calls where I'll answer your questions, talk about strategy, and how to take advantage of everything you get with Foundation & Followup.

Class registration is currently closed.  To join the waitlist for the next session, fill out your name and email address.

Here's what you are going to get:

  • Your own branded booking system and web landing page.
  • Clients will be able to sign up for your next performance or event right from the landing page.
  • Step by step instructions for setting up your first Email Newsletter.
  • The big mistake 95% of people make when growing their newsletter for the first time.
  • What to write in your email newsletters to keep people coming back to you over and over.
  • Four live group training sessions (one hour each) discussing how to follow up with current and past clients to get repeat business.  How to grow your audience of true fans.
  • Weekly Q&A sessions where you can ask any questions about getting more business, setting up your bookings, reaching out to and following up with your clients.
  • A whole year of monthly Mastermind sessions where I'll keep teaching you how best to grow your business and market yourself.  Keep asking questions, keep learning.
  • Learn the best ways to attract your best clients.
  • Two "Perfect Customer" sessions where we'll drill down into what makes someone the best customer for you.  This is vital preparation for creating your branded landing page.
  • One year of web hosting for your landing page included in Foundation & Followup.

The first workshop session starts November 11th and we can start building your Landing Page as soon as you sign up.

What other people are saying:

Michael has reminded me that simpler is better when it comes to marketing my brand. I like Michael's direct and honest approach to communication, brainstorming new ideas, and his ability to see complicated things from a pragmatic and realistic perspective. He brings a view of my work that I can't see—and for that, I am grateful!

Michael Thomas Sunnarborg

( Career Coach, Author)


The biggest benefit provided me by Michael is twofold. One, I can expect to receive new clients every time I post and then, they are people I want to work with. I spend much less time weeding through folk who don't make a good fit.

Michael is patient, intelligent, and a true problem solver. There doesn't seem to be a hurdle he's unwilling to get over. He's there to help!

Chris Elwell

( Academic Coach)