30 x 30 Writing

Your audience could think about you all the time.

Can you spare 30 minutes a day to make that happen?

One of the biggest benefits with anything online is the number of people you can reach. At very low cost you can publish your message to an enormous audience.

And the big mistake frequently made here?

You don't show up often enough to keep your audience from drifting away.

Whether it's posting on social media, or writing a blog or email newsletter, sending out your words on a consistent and frequent basis keeps your audience thinking about you and coming back to you over and over.

When you write in-consistently or in-frequently, your audience loses track of you.  Any excitement they had when they first received your content starts to fade and in the worst cases, they'll forget you.

Luckily by taking the 30-day Writing from Home challenge...

...you found writers block wasn't really a problem. Getting stuck writing happens when you don't know your subject enough.  It's basically a research problem. The more you know about a subject, the easier the writing is.

You found it natural that you'd be able to write about yourself easily. After all, you're the worlds foremost expert on yourself.

You learned that you can write regularly (daily for a month) and when you know a subject well (yourself), the writing is easier. This leads us to the next phase:

The 30 X 30 Writing Program

The 30x30 Writing Program has one big benefit: Writing to your audience daily and spending no more than 30 minutes a day at it. 30 days / 30 minutes.

Imagine showing up on your audience's social media or inbox on a daily basis, sharing content about yourself which they are enjoying seeing and looking forward to. Not the cheesy cookie-cutter content you see all over the place but your personal writing, sharing quick stories that bring your audience closer to you day by day.

That's what 30x30 writing is all about.  Ready to sign up?  Keep scrolling down...

What people are saying:

"Working with Michael gave me the boost I needed to take action on improving my prospecting and sales process. Michael helped me fine-tune the written copy on my website, and he coached me through the copywriting process for my LinkedIn profile.  I would recommend working with Michael if you would benefit from improving your sales funnel, copywriting, and LinkedIn outreach strategy."

Ben Ratkey

Telescope Web Design


"Michael is reflective, analytic, thoughtful, and authentic. I was worried that I might need to get into a "salesey" mode during meetings about marketing, but Michael keeps it real and truly thinks about each specific situation. He was insightful and easy to work with. He also can work with a variety of levels, including people who already know how to attract clients but want to beef things up, people who are looking for more ways to advertise, or people who are totally new to the whole thing."

Erin Lebacqz

Communication and Leadership Trainer


"The biggest benefit Michael provided was learning how to build an online presence. Keeping online marketing front and center on my to-do list. It's easy to let others things take priority. He's a calm, knowledgeable, steady force to work with. Very enjoyable for me and productive for my business."

Rita Webster

Executive Coach


30 x 30 Writing:  Here's what you get:

The 30x30 Writing program aims to lead you on a journey at the end of which you'll be able to write to your audience with confidence and success.

30x30 Writing Basic Program

  • You'll learn to effectively focus your writing time into short productive bursts.
  • You'll get a list of the big ideas that excite your audience and keep their attention.
  • Never again run out of topics to entertain and educate your audience.
  • Learn how to produce daily content on a tight time budget without stressing.
  • Understand your writing audience, what they desire, what they crave.
  • Lifetime access to the private "30x30 Writing" Facebook group for asking questions, getting writing feedback, strategy tips, and  video trainings from Michael Helmke.

All of this for a $30 one time fee.

30x30 Writing Premium Program

The Premium program includes everything in the basic program and is an editing and consulting service.  It includes:

  • Two 1-hour consulting calls per month.
  • Private editing and feedback about your writing via email.
  • One 1-hour audience brainstorm session to help you identify your specific audience and the best strategy to get their attention.
  • One Group "Office Hours" style call per month.

This program is aimed at the serious writer who wants to get the most out of their time. The 30x30 Writing Premium Program is priced at $400/month or $1000/quarter. Introductory pricing of $300/month is currently available.

To see if this program might be right for you, click or tap the button below to schedule a consulting session.

Michael Helmke

About Michael.

I'm a reformed software developer, now expert marketing consultant. My passion is keeping things simple and finding the quickest path to success while helping my clients authentic voice shine through to their audiences. I believe in the power of the written word to build relationships and form bonds between you and your clients. My goal is to help every client reach their own success goals as easily as I'm reaching mine.

What more people are saying:

"Michael Helmke's 30-Day Writing Challenge actually exceeded my expectations. Initially, I was unwilling to add yet one more thing to my plate. But I signed up anyway, I think mainly because I wanted to continue the connection I had with Michael that was initiated in a previous marketing class he taught, "Foundations and Follow-Up." (Michael is a keeper! I'm quickly realizing that the more time I spend connecting with him, the better for my business!)"

Leigh Baltzer



"This is a great experience for anyone who has ever considered writing for any purpose. By coming up with what may be considered simple topics, I found the response to the topics were far more important than I'd initially thought they'd be. So having confidence that writing doesn't have to be complicated was nice. And to write each day only took less than half an hour when I'd finally sit and do it. It's the just sit and do it part that we need to make time for. Then it becomes a habit. Whether writing a personal journal, a blog, a newsletter, promotional material, ..., this experience will help you become confident that all you need is a very short amount of time to commit to writing and that writing in an of itself is actually not that difficult."

Chris Elwell

Academic Consultant